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Transforming Lives

Transforming lives through the power of the gospel, our mission is to uplift individuals and foster a vibrant community centered around faith in Jesus Christ. With insightful biblical teachings, inspiring sermons, heartfelt prayers, and meaningful connections, we empower people from diverse backgrounds to experience the profound impact of the gospel in their lives. Our measure of success lies in enabling individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and thrive in every aspect of life.

Our Vision

Develop ministries that will transform the world (men, women, and children) and train spiritual leaders that will influence others of like passion to reciprocate their teachings and training to motivate, mobilize, and empower God’s called out ones to affect their communities for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Our Goals

One of our many goals are life transformation and we believe this begins when people discover a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. It continues as we learn the truths of God’s Word and apply them consistently to our lives daily.